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JVC Route Watcher

Software License Agreement

This software (hereinafter "Licensed Software") is either copyrighted or sublicensed by JVCKENWOOD Corporation (hereinafter "Licensor").
This Software License Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement") sets forth the terms of use of Licensed Software by the customer. The customer is entitled to use Licensed Software by agreeing the term of Agreement.
The customer (hereinafter "User") is assumed to have agreed to the terms of Agreement upon unpacking or using Licensed Software, when Agreement shall be deemed to come into effect.

Article 1 General

Licensor shall hereby grants to User a nonexclusive and non-assignable license (with exceptions as specified in Paragraph 1, Article 3).

Article 2 License

Article 3 Terms of Licensing

Article 4 Titles to Licensed Software

All titles to Licensed Software and to the associated documentation, including copyrights, shall remain the property of Licensor or the original right holders (those who grant licenses, sublicenses or the like on Licensed Software to Licensor). User shall not posses any title to Licensed Software and the associated documentation, except for the license granted under Agreement.

Article 5 Licensor’s Disclaimer

Article 6 Responsibility to Third Parties

If the use of Licensed Software by User has resulted in a dispute arising with third parties for reasons of any infringement on copyrights, patent rights or any other intellectual property rights, User shall resolve the dispute at its own cost by itself and hold Licensor and the original right holders harmless.

Article 7 Secrecy Obligation

User shall keep confidentiality of Licensed Software and information in the associated documentation, and those parts of Agreement that are not publicly known and agree not to disclose or leak these to third parties without prior consent from Licensor.

Article 8 Protection of Copyrights, etc.

In using Licensed Software, User shall abide by the copyright law and all other governing laws and regulations.

Article 9 Cancellation of Agreement

Article 10 Termination of Agreement

User may terminate Agreement by destroying Licensed Software (including updates and upgrades to it) and the associated documentation, and all duplications, related materials and the like.

Article 11 (Miscellaneous)