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This image is showing AV Receiver displaying the video image of the JVC Smart Music Control application.

JVC Smartphone Control


Seamless Android Control with JVC Smartphone Control App

With this app installed on the Android smartphone or tablet, the video image of the Android device can be displayed at the receiver and can be controlled from the receiver’s touch panel.
All applications on the Android device can be operated from the receiver.

However, smartphone control from the AV Receiver is limited to a single finger operation like Tap/ Double Tap/ Long Tap/ Swipe.

Operation that requires two or more fingers such as Pinch-in/ Pinch-out/ Multi-tap are unavailable.

Possible Operations: Single finger operation (Tap/ Double Tap/ Long Tap/ Swipe)


Double Tap

Long Tap


Not Possible Operations: Multi-finger operation (Pinch-In/ Pinch-Out/ Multi-Tap)




Drive Mode for Android

JVC Smartphone Control offers Drive Mode, which displays a list of apps that can be used while the vehicle is in motion, enabling safe app operation while on the road.

Note: Apps operable while in motion are Waze, TuneIn Radio, and JVC Smart Music Control as of Dec. 2014, with plans to expand compatible apps in the future.