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This image is showing AV Receiver displaying the video image of the JVC Smart Music Control application.

JVC Smartphone Control

Setup Procedure

  1. Wired Connection:

    Please refer to the "Connectivity Chart" and the Instruction Manual of the AV Receiver for instruction regarding connectivity between the Android device and the AV Receiver.

  2. Firmware Update (KW-V50BT / V30BT): *If you own KW-V51BT or KW-V31BT, go to step 3.

    Please make sure that the AV Receiver had been updated to the latest firmware version in order to use the "JVC Smartphone Control" feature.

    KW-V50BT/V30BT firmware update

  3. Application Setup:
    1. 1) Visit Google Play, and install the "JVC Smartphone Control" Application.
    2. 2) Launch "JVC Smartphone Control" Application.
    3. 3) Turn on "JVC Smartphone Control": Android Device's [Settings] --> [Accessibility] --> [Services]
  4. Bluetooth Pairing:
    1. 1) Power on the AV Receiver.
    2. 2) Search the AV Receiver ("KW-V****") from your Android device.
    3. 3) Confirm the request to make Bluetooth pairing on the Android device and the AV Receiver.

    * Please refer to the Bluetooth section of the AV Receiver's Instruction Manual.

  5. AV Receiver Setup
    1. 1) Press [HOME], then press [Apps]. (Or press [HOME], then press [All] --> [Apps].)
    2. 2) Follow the Setup Wizard that will appear automatically when you press [Apps] for the first time.
      • - Enter [APP Connection Setup] screen, then press [Change]
      • - Select [Android/ Other], then press [Next]
      • - Select [HDMI/ MHL + Bluetooth], then press [Next]
      • - Select your Android device, then press [Next]
      • - Confirm settings, then press [Done]
    3. * Setup Wizard can be launched manually from:
      • - Press [HOME], then press [All] --> [AV Off].
      • - Press [HOME], then press [Settings] --> [System] --> [APP Setup] --> [APP Connection Setup].

    ** Please refer to the Settings section on AV Receiver's Instruction Manual.

  6. Using the JVC Smartphone Control function:
    1. 1) Make sure that the vehicle is parked, and the parking brake is On.
    2. 2) Launch "JVC Smartphone Control" application on your Android device.
    3. 3) Connect the Android device to the JVC AV Receiver via MHL or HDMI.
    4. 4) Press [HOME] --> [Apps] on the AV receiver.
    5. 5) Press [Accept] and [Agree] if you agree to the contents of the caution message on the AV Receiver.
    6. 6) Press [Screen Calibration] on "JVC Smartphone Control" application of the Android device.
    7. 7) Screen Calibration will take few seconds. After the calibration is completed, press [Confirm] --> [Back] key.
    8. 8) Setting is complete. You can now control your Android device from the AV Receiver's touch screen.

    * Screen calibration is required only when making the connection for the first time. Recalibration is only necessary when the output screen size of the Android device had been changed.

    ** Confirm that the Auto Connect is set [ON] in AV Receiver's [Settings] --> [System] --> [Bluetooth Setup], and Bluetooth connection between the AV Receiver and the Android device had been established.