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Android Music Playback via USB


Playback Control

Car Receivers have four basic commands, Play/ Pause/ Forward skip/ previous skip with USB connected.
The Android device will start default media player app to handle the play back control key.
This behavior is the same as the Bluetooth Audio send playback control key command.

Feature Comment
Key / Each application may handle each command differently


How to Start Playback Music file with Your Android Device

Connect your Android device to the USB input terminal on Head Unit via Micro USB 2.0 cable.
Head Unit will changes to ANDROID source automatically and then playback starts.

* Remote unit, Depends on model


Head Unit shows “CANNOT PLAY” or continues to flash “READING”

Head Unit shows “AUDIO MODE” and no sound during playback.

Head Unit shows “AUDIO MODE” and the sound only output from Android device during playback.